About Us



To provide a secure, dependable and efficient clearing, settlement, depository, registrar and other related securities services to satisfy our customers.


A globally recognised provider of efficient and reliable securities services, contributing to a well-organised and robust financial market in Ghana.

Core Values

Fairness                   : Impartial and equitable treatment for all

Accountability          : Be accountable and transparent in all our dealings

Customer Focus       : Highest priority to customer needs

Excellence                : Excellence in provision of service

Integrity                   : Adhere to high moral and ethical standards in the delivery of our services

Teamwork                : Collaborative effort to achieve a common goal

Security                   :  Be security aware and be deliberate about it

Strategic Themes

1.       Service Excellence

          Responsive, timely and accurate service delivery that exceeds customer expectations.

2.       Business Diversification

          A well-diversified business that delivers revenue growth from new businesses and minimizes vulnerability.

3.       Strategic Alliance

         We engage with relevant stakeholders and facilitate beneficial deepening and development of the financial market.




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